I Do Not Want my Time Here to End


Last weekend we went to the beautiful town of Segovia. Now picture this you are driving up and you see something that looks like something in a history textbook. Well that was my exact feeling when I saw the roman aqueduct for the first time. In Europe not only is it like a giant picture book but it is also like a history lesson everywhere you go. Everything has importance and meaning as well as a story to go along with it. My favorite part of Segovia (and it might be because I am a huge Disney fan) was getting to see the castle of Isabel and Fernando. If you look at the picture above you may wonder why it looks so familiar, well for all of you Disney fanatics it is because the Cinderella castle in Orlando is modeled after it. We got to walk inside the castle and see the throne room and much more and all I could think was I would kill to be a princess for a day ☺️. I truly am sad that this weekend will be our final weekend for this program, however, I will be staying an extra week to make sure I get to see as much of Spain as possible.


One thought on “I Do Not Want my Time Here to End

  1. You are so privileged to be a part of such an amazing opportunity. When I was a little boy I would pretend I was a King and my garage was my castle. My garage had a loft and that was where I would sit on my throne. How awesome is it you could see the real thing. By the way, you are a princesses and your mom and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Spain.


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