Dancing in Paris – week 4

The program is over! We performed our solos for the public on Friday and lots of people came and were impressed and I was really impressed by everyone’s solos especially during the Friday night showing. When I first showed my finalized solo earlier in the week Colleen said it was super successful and that in my movement nothing was precious which is exactly what I was interested in achieving here: no meaning but meaning is inevitable whether intended or not. “Nothing is precious” is the perfect way to state it. Michael compared my solo to reading my journal because he felt like he wanted a cipher – my journal consists entirely of stream-of-consciousness writing. He said my eyes, my focus were his access point, what he used as a point of entry into the seemingly random movement. But it certainly wasn’t random and the audience knows that, they can tell there is significance, a process lies behind the movement, regardless of whether or not they decipher a meaning. Immediately following the show Natalie’s friend Steve came up to me and said great job and “I loved your passion” and I thought that was very cool because he doesn’t have any exposure to dance but he recognized passion and admired it so he probably is very passionate about something. Everyone should be.

Madison said something very cool to me. I always/tend (lately) to make work that attempts to detach itself from meaning but somehow my choreography is stuff that is very memorable to people. I loved that and I think it demonstrates that meaning is inevitable (which lately is what I’ve been trying to indicate in my work) so I’m glad she shared that with me and I felt like it was a huge compliment.


  • Learned the CATS audition routine with Gerrard Carter
  • Père Lachaise Cemetary, saw Isadora Duncan
  • Rodin Museum, frustrating a bit because so much of it was under construction and I saw Grandma’s favorite The Burghers of Calais but not Grandpa’s favorite The Kiss because it was inside the Hotel Biron which was closed for renovation and I decided on my own favorite (besides The Thinker) The Gates of Hell and The Thinker really is fantastic – not like sometimes when you wonder why people decided this piece of art would be famous it was actually fantastic
  • Found an English bookstore to buy a book but even in there I felt like THE FRENCH were looking down on me for being of a culture other than their own
  • Pompidou Centre: Jackson Pollock, Matisse, Kandinsky, a gazillion others. The description of one Picasso piece had a very nice sentence: “So destructured is the space that the subject has become almost illegible, all the signs and clues quickly slipping away from the eye that seeks to establish their coherence.” At first I just liked the words and then I realized that this idea 100% correlates with my choreography


One of my favorite parts of the whole month was sitting on the roof at Colleen’s apartment talking with Madison and Jessy and staring at the awesome view and then talking to Michael too up there about best friends and his marriage and such.

Then downstairs he had us all share something we were taking away from the whole Dance in Paris experience and I said: something about people having different interests, values than myself and me being ok with their different values or at least accepting them from an external viewpoint.

2 thoughts on “Dancing in Paris – week 4

  1. I only say cool things to cool people. So you’re welcome.

    P.S. The rooftop was one of my favorite moments too.


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