Ninjas, Dancing, and Manga! Oh my!

 On June 18th, we had a ninja and samurai experience where we dressed up in yukatas and samurai and ninja outfits. The event was pretty funny and silly. 

2015 259

2015 262

During our history lesson, the professor brought in several old textbooks and a replica of a seal given to the ruler of Japan by the emperor of China.

2015 273

On June 21st, we went to visit the Osaka Aquarium. Maria-san, Karina’s speaking partner, organized this trip. As per her suggestion, we bought the Aquarium ticket combined with the train fare to save some yen.

2015 283

Before arriving at the Aquarium, we went to Yodobashi Umeda and went shopping and had lunch there. We got to visit the Pokemon Center in Osaka which I was pretty excited about. There was so much Pokemon merchandise and so many people there, shopping and playing Pokemon.

2015 285

2015 296

Obligatory food picture.
Obligatory food picture.

Close to the Aquarium, there’s a ferris wheel. Maybe I’ll go on it one day. At the Osaka Aquarium, there was a lot of different kinds of animals. There were otters, seals, penguins, dolphins, and fish. My favorite was the whale shark exhibit and the penguins exhibit. The whale shark tank had many places to view the tank, making it possible to get a lot of different pictures at various angles.




2015 664

2015 301
Penguins Penguins
2015 472
What a big fish.
Whale shark!
Whale shark!

2015 536

2015 582



Last Tuesday, after class, we got to dress up in yukatas and the ladies had their hair done. We watched the dance troupe perform three traditional dances and then learned some Bon Odori dances. Bon Odori is a custom of Japanese Buddhists to honor their ancestors’ spirits. The dances were a lot of fun and I really liked the Tanko Bushi and Janken Ondo dances.

2015 676

2015 675









The next day, we had a manga drawing workshop. Due to time restraint, we were limited to doing the last two steps of manga drawing, which are inking and finishing. We learned about the different kinds of pens used for inking and how to add screentones to the drawing.

Japan 008

Some of us went to Kazuha Mall afterwards. There’s currently a summer sale going on. The mall is pretty big and had a variety of shops. There’s even a couple of shops just for cute socks!


2015 693

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