Dancing in Paris – week 3

  • Catacombs
  • Luxembourg Gardens, early morning, empty, tai chi-ers
  • Montmartre and Sacre Cour
  • Espace Dali: learned so much about surrealism and it’s symbols. I love that Dali just did illustrations and sculptures to please no one but himself – it seems. The exhibit had short explanations of every piece which sometimes felt a bit too much like someone was telling me exactly what to think about the work rather than allowing room
  •  Je t’aime wall
  • fête de la musique


Wanjiru Kamuyu’s classes are so fulfilling and so easy to practice individuality during

Wanjiru said try to avoid ballet hands and I said no problem I can’t do ballet hands correctly even when I want to!


Class with James Vu Ahn Pham (from Chunky Move), like a Counter-Technique crash course minus the introduction so I’m not sure of its principles but I think it’s mostly about always having opposition between, pulling two points away from each other. It was very difficult for me to mimic him because even though the “exercises” may have contained familiar “steps,” the thought process and therefore the execution and appearance of the movement is totally different and by the very last combo that we did I was thinking about the Counter-Technique and moving in a very cool, different way than I normally do.


Anna Wehsarg’s (from Pina Bausch) class, very enjoyable because I realize I could make things very Emily within the parameters of her movement (I think) it was not physically difficult but engaging and she is funny and observant and wise I think


the idea that attempted/undertook for this solo that I am choreographing is too big an idea for an assignment/project as small as this but I’ve rationalized: the point is no meaning so I will use a short excerpt from my word sculpture as the basis and where the excerpt begins and ends doesn’t matter because no meaning. I thought I was going to extract meaning, displace meaning again in another round of interpretations but that would result in words rather than movement and his is a choreography assignment after all. Really too big an idea for this little 2-minute-by-requirement solo. However, this experimentation with meaning definitely falls under the category of my research for my honors thesis so it will probably come back into play in the coming semesters. Always doing creative research



Dairakudan Dance Company’s La Planet des Insects

Marco da Silva Ferreira Company’s Hu(r)mano

Kat Válastur’s Ah!Oh! A Contemporary Ritual

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