Week 2 & Week 3 Changes

After the first week staying in the office, I tried to get used to my internship. Perhaps, that is the differences from school works. But I have to find some interesting for myself to transfer my attention from those offie works. I almost forgot the feeling of travel, to check out this world. My parents encouraged me to visit some places in Australia cause I am already here. So I went to Sydney last weekend. I felt the whole week was full of energy and the time went fast. I flew to Sydney Friday night and came back Brisbane on Sunday afternoon. I walked around the Sydney whole Saturday.

Sydney is so beautiful and I was suddenly attracted by this city. So many tourists around the world. The Sydney Bridge, Sydney Opera House, the whole Sydney Harbor, the Rocks area, combining historic and modern feelings. I found a place to live from Airbnb and my host’s girl friend is from China. She gave me many suggestions to arrange my short trip. I took a boat from Sydney Harbor to Manly Beach. Manly Beach is so beautiful and it is the Heaven of Surfing. I spent several hours walking around the Manly Beach. Many people worked out under the sunny day. I watched a show in Sydney Opera House Saturday night. It might be a great way to check out this amazing architecture. My trip was too short and there are so many places I did visit.

Sydney Harbor
Sydney Harbor
Manly Beach
Manly Beach

But when I came back from Sydney, I suddenly realized it seems like I have fell in love with Brisbane, healthy, quiet and Green. Sydney is great, absolutely, but it has the same characteristics that many metropolises have, lack of something fresh and new. That probably is the reason I am not crazy about it after the short trip.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park
Sydney Tower
Sydney Tower

Go back to my internship. I have helped the Ecotourism Australia finish the design of online application. Last two weeks, I was working on data and other Office works. I have started to write blogs for their websites and replied some of emails.

There was a challenge. In week 3, there were only two people in the office. I started to answer the phone. I’m used to be scared about answering the phone cause I was afraid that I may miss the information. But my colleague encouraged me and helped me a lot. I did many mistakes last week, but I also learned a lot, no matter for the office work, or the certification program.

I have registered the tourism conference in Melbourne next month. Hopefully I can learn more from those speakers. Also, next week, I am going to start my dance class. I have affected by this city and those healthy people. There are so many people work out directly after work.

I will explore more about this city and get more new experience.

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