Cinque Terre and Monterosso: The Northern Coast

For our final trip in Italy, we traveled two hours north of Florence toward the coastal village of Monterosso.


A part of the infamous Cinque Terre (Five Lands) region in the province of La Spezia, this was unique to anything I had seen earlier on in the trip. Even when we went to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, the beaches were not as elegant as those at Monterosso.


The area features similar styles of buildings to Amalfi, with vibrant colors and narrow roads, situated in close proximity to one another. Monterosso also featured a commune that seemed like more of a tourist attraction at this point than anything else.


I’ve lived in Florida my entire life, but I’ve only seen water this clear once before – in the Keys. You could see all the way to the bottom at more than 20 foot depths. The one downside to this beach was the fact that there were rocks rather than sand, making for an uncomfortable walking experience. Outside of this factor, though, the day was well spent. The picturesque landscape appeared more like something out of a story book rather than an actual destination. A nice, brisk dip in the chilly Mediterranean was a perfect ending to a trip that was better than I could have ever imagined.


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