The New Reality

When you first arrive in a new country you really have to get your mind right. This starts with adjusting to the time zone. In Greece, the time is 7 hours ahead of the US. Therefore, the first thing I did when I arrived in Greece was take a nap. Of course this is not the most exciting first task in a new country, but it is what I needed. Since that first nap, I have been all around the city of Thessaloniki. My new reality is Thessaloniki is not very pretty and not nearly as glamors as pictures would lead one to believe. There is much graffiti and many stray animals that poop on the sidewalk. My new reality also includes a lot of great food. I have eaten delicious gyros, crepes, burgers and much more. My new reality includes living with a roommate from New Jersey and meeting students from all over the US who are studying at ACT. This is pretty cool and so far I like the students that I have met. We all want to get the most out of our trip which makes it easier to find people to travel the city with. My new reality includes talking to my family and friends at home right before I go to bed so I can catch them when they get off of work. This took some scheduling before I was able to communicate with everyone, but now that the time difference is better understood it has gotten easier. Overall, the new reality I find myself in is one I am happy with having. In the coming weeks we will take planned trips around the country and I am planning a personal trip with my roommate to one of the islands of Greece. My new reality here in Greece is definitely different but is a good different that I am excited to explore more in depth in the coming weeks. So far I have been to 2 beaches (Perea and Sahara beach resort), Aristotle square, the rotunda, the white tower, the boardwalk, many restaurants, salsa dancing, the open air market, a Hillsong Church(Zoe.Thess), and of course my school American College of Thessaloniki. The school is nice but there are not many students attending in the summer so really the only students there are the ones from my program. That is pretty much an overview of my full week in Thessaloniki.

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