One week here and I already want to move here


It has been right over a week since I have made the long trip to Salamanca. My trip started with my flight being delayed and not being able to have enough time to make the connection and instead I had to change flights 10 minutes before it takes off. A Word of advice, pack your carry on with enough toiletries and clothes to last a few days because my checked bag almost did not make it on the plane. Once I made it to London it was a nice short trip to Madrid :). Once we arrived we met our families here and I was thankful to find out that my family had a dog because I was quite sad leaving mine at home. One of the biggest surprises here is that utilities for apartments are outrageously expensive. For example: a normal water bill here consists of having to pay for cold water, hot water, the contraption to heat the water, and drinking water. Therefore, showers here are at most 10 minutes. The first night here we were taken on a short tour of the city and I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the city. There is no where in the U.S. where you can find a city so full of history and beauty. We started at the school and WOW… it was totally in Spanish and my head was extremely overwhelmed. In addition to school we had class with a matador who showed us the basics of bull fighting. During the weekend we went to the cities Alba and Alvila you just pull up to the cities and you are instantly taken aback. Literally, the beauty of this country is absolutely amazing. The one thing I have been most surprised by here is how incredibly cheap the food is and how accepting I am of trying new food, considering how picky I am. I am looking forward to all the new adventures this week and will let yáll know all about them in the week to come.


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