Dancing in Paris – Week 2

I’ve started choreographing my solo and I’m researching, playing with words and their meanings, connotations, associations, interpretations. I’ve created a word sculpture in the style of Carl Andre using words that I associated with walking my dérive, now the words are vertical on graph paper and bring to mind different associations when I look at them, these new associations I turn into movements so I have something like a long list of movement and now I have to do something with it. So many layers of interpretation.


Scott Putman’s EBAS (Elemental Body Alignment System) workshop: I usually don’t go for classes that resemble any sort of somatic practice but he was amazing and answered so many questions about my body that I hadn’t even realized that I had, now I’m accessing my external rotators for probably the first time in my life and grateful


Haribo sour crocodiles, Milka chocolate bars, and Boursin cheese

KitKats are better in the U.S., Nutella is better here (I’m told)


Louvre for lots of hours on Saturday with Jessy and Madison and I can’t believe I went through a museum with two other people instead of alone (because I’ve decided I have to do museums alone because other people’s opinions change my opinions of things) and I enjoyed it and they’re good people to do it with and I liked being at the Louvre because it was like observing history – as opposed to all the art museums I’ve been to lately where I’m constantly straining to “figure art out” – because of the antiquities and the estate/building itself but the Louvre was so enjoyable and fascinating and enormous and our boat tour guide from the first week said it was number two biggest in the world so we wondered what number one is and it’s the Smithsonian.


Then went to Notre Dame and mass started while we were there and it was kind of grossing me out because crowds were grossing me out that day at the Louvre people shoving to take photos of things without even looking at or appreciating them because they had been told it was great art rather than forming their own opinions and Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and the priest at Notre Dame are more like celebrities than anything


I don’t go a day without tripping up some stairs, yup


I strongly disliked the performance choreographed by Daniel Léveillé but when he spoke to us afterward I loved and/or agreed with nearly everything that he said. Most importantly: make a solo for someone else, look at that dancer and make choreography for and about him or her. And this seems like it might apply to all choreography and I don’t usually begin choreographing a piece by making it for or about anyone but myself or maybe my audience so I think my senior project in the fall semester should be for and about the people in it because this is something I want to try immediately.


Igal Perry is teaching ballet for a week at Studio Harmonic! (in English!)


Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker/Rosas: Golden Hours (as you like it)

This show was valuable to me. I should audition for her someday because that type of movement and effort in movement is what I am interested in and I really wanted to move with all those movers especially the guy with long hair everything he did I could empathize with. They moved with such sincerity like they weren’t performing or “dancing” but simply being and doing and that’s what I admire most in dance. And audience members kept getting up and leaving (that’s a big statement in the dance world) and that automatically increased my respect for the work because you know it’s great art if it doesn’t simply [satisfy or please] [people or everyone]. Shows should challenge people and I was engaged in this show for the entire two an a half hours with no intermission.

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