Top 10 Things To Do While Studying in Florence

1. Try the gelato from the shop called La Carria, right off the Ponte alla Carria bridge, south side.

2. See David at the Accademia. People will tell you that the fake David in Piazza Signoria is good enough.. It isn’t.

3. Walk around at least a couple times in the outdoor and indoor markets. Seeing how the food and products are showcased and sold is really cool. It gives you a perspective on Italian culture.

4. Sit on one of the bridges at night with some gelato. Ponte Vecchio has live music on Fridays. I recommend the Ponte Vecchio or the Ponte de Santa Trinita.

5. Get all the pizza possible from Gusta Pizza.Eat here as much as you can.

6. Go see the sunrise at Piazza Michelangelo! And then walk around Florence when you’re done. It will suck getting up so early or staying up all night like I did, but it is so worth it. There is almost 0 people around the city that early in the morning; aka no annoying tourists or crazy traffic.

7. Go to the Boboli Gardens whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or down. Or just need some relaxing!

8. Climb the Duomo and the Bell Tower. Bonus points (and awesome leg muscles) if you do it in the same day.

9. Make sure you plan weekend trips. Florence is amazing and there is a lot to do, but it is great to see more of Italy too. I did a day trip to Cinque Terre, and a weekend in The Amalfi Coast. Both were a ton of fun, and now I have seen north and south Italy. I am also going to Prague and Munich next weekend!

10. Don’t be afraid to talk to people and make friends, especially with the other students in your program. It is super easy to talk to them because you’re all in the same boat of being in unfamiliar territory and trying to have the best time possible. And remember, don’t let anything that may be going on at home (boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/family drama) ruin your time abroad. These are days and memories that are once in a lifetime. Always have your eyes open and your camera ready, and remember to always look up.

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