Prague and Munich

This weekend some friends and I took a trip to Prague, Czech Republic and Munich, Germany. One thing is for sure…I fell in love with Prague.

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Thursday we got on a bus and started our 12-hour journey to Prague. One thing I have learned through my weekend trips is I absolutely hate these bus rides. I am not one to get car sick, but being stuck on a bus with at least 25 other people for 12 hours, that’s enough to make anyone sick. BUT we finally arrived in Prague at about 8 a.m. and our day started! We took a 3-hour walking tour around the whole city.  There was something about Prague that was so enchanting. The city was full of buildings that resembled castles. Each building was brightly colored and no building was similar to the other. It was only appropriate that my first meal in Prague was a sausage and fried cheese. The street food was to die for.

After the tour we climbed to the top of the city. The view from up here was incredible. The amazing thing about Prague was that even though it was a large city, there were dozens of parks and fields stretching for miles all around. That’s one thing Florence doesn’t have that I miss about home, open spaces and grass….I never thought I would miss grass.



The next day we did another walking tour of Prague that included seeing the John Lennon wall as well as took a tour of the amazing Prague castle.  We also had the opportunity to enjoy a typical Czech meal of Goulash, dumplings, potato soup, and apple strudel.  At that point I was convinced that I could be perfectly happy living in Prague.


IMG_6366 IMG_6388 IMG_6387

On Sunday we woke up early and made our way from Prague to Munich. This was a short 4-hour bus ride (thank goodness). When we arrived we immediately got on bikes and began a bike tour of Munich. During this bike tour we stopped at different cool and important sights throughout the city and ended up in the middle of this park that opened up into a typical beer garden, a place filled with music and amazing local food to enjoy.

IMG_6441 IMG_6450 IMG_6436 IMG_6439

Over all it was an amazing weekend. I never want this experience to end.

Until next time,




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