Rima Rima

Yesterday we had a Quechua music class and learned the song Rima Rima, which is named after a flower that grows in the Andes at around 5,000 meters above sea level along the snow line of the mountains. The song is both about the flower and a love song. Our professor brought his guitar to accompany the words, and the music was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had recorded a video or at least audio of us singing the song and dancing along, but I haven’t had my phone (aka camera/recording device) with me much lately. In any case, here are the words in Quechua and an English translation/interpretation.

Rahu hawan
Qucha kuchun
Shumaqlla rima rima
Ama ama ama ama waqallaytsu

Kuyallaqmi wallullaqmi
Nirmi nimarqayki
Mana mana shunqullayki munaykaptin

Ishkantsikmi kawashun
Shumaqlla rima rima
Ay, nuqapaqmi kanki
Anti shumaq wayta

Under the snow
The shore of the lake
My beautiful rima rima
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t cry

I love you, I adore you
You say you love me
But your heart doesn’t

We will live together
My beautiful rima rima
You are for me
Beautiful flower of the Andes

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