Paris summer 2015!!


My name is Katrina Soricelli and I am a dance major at USF. I will be a senior in the fall!

This is my first time in Europe and I am so excited that Paris will be my first city ! Also I cannot wait share dance  and the experience through it with a culture that is fully accepting of the arts and all it encompasses.

My flight was had only one layover in Portugaul  and the flight was good. TAP Portugaul airlines have me three meals my own blanket pillow,headset and I got to watch movies and play games for free. I would suggest however taking medication if you have a sinus infection. I was getting ove r one so I thought I was fine. I was wrong. It was so painful! I was getting little tingly shocks and my left eyeball kept shooting out tears like splash mountain! The poor guy to my left was feeling so awkward and helpless through my escapade. It’s alright now, I survived.

Getting out of the airport was a little bit of a hassle, but thanks to the very clear directions my professor gave before hand, I was able to navigate the metro successfully to my first stop. I was born and raised a Floridian so this whole metro thing was very new to me. It was very intimidating. What if I get off at the wrong stop? Can I get back on? I don’t want to be mugged because I look like a lost doe. I don’t know a lot of French. What’s this sign saying “sortie”? Is it sort-tie a way to go?

It took a couple trips going to random places to get more confident about it. It is still a little daunting at times. People on the metro are so calm. One time three cars of like 60 or so people were in one and no one was talking. Not a peep! It was uncomfortable. It was a thing that just was.

When I got back above ground I was so ecstatic! All the buildings on the street were so unique with curves and angles and details inside wood or inside stone. The balconies were splendid iron with swirls incorporated. The people were dressed so fancy with their coats and shoes and flowing blouses. I felt like everyone was modeling but in the most casual sort of way. They are sitting at cafes and sipping coffee or strolling through the streets. It’s like San Franscisco  and New York had a baby but with old rich history that is seeping out of each brick and planters box. I can’t wait to explore more!!


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