Dancing in Paris, week 1

I can see the Eiffel Tower from my window and I watch it sparkle every night on the hour from my window sill (which is posing as a porch) and I have my own little dorm and it is in a great neighborhood in the 15th arrondissement and we actually do walk around with baguettes and pastries and sit on the Seine and I don’t speak French.

Dance classes in French in the mornings at Studio Harmonic, but ballet is already French and also body language so it’s all manageable but still so much of the complexity of ideas is lost in translation (or lack thereof). Ballet with the renowned Wayne Byars. Workshops in the afternoons at Micadanses in English(!), Kevin Quinaou has been fantastic, from Netherlands Dance Theater! Scott Putman today for an Elemental Body Alignment Systems workshop and I learned so much about my body from that one hour and a half that I think I’d like to hire him to follow me around all day so he can correct my placement 24/7.

Half of my life is spent in transit! Like any huge city I suppose… though I’d rather be dancing or at least exploring something beyond the metro stations of the 12, 6, 4, 8, 7, 1, and RER C.

Saw Chunky Move perform The Complexity of Belonging on Friday, best performance I’ve ever seen, not saying that lightly, and I’ve seen some amazing performances. I can’t do this show justice with words, but I feel so strongly that every person in the world should either be performing like this or going to see people performing like this. Challenging, entertaining, moving. I don’t know how to say anything more about it. I feel sad that so many people have not and never will be exposed to work like this and also incredibly proud to be a part of a field that is headed in sugh a powerful direction.

Some things:

  • Cobbly streets
  • Musée d’Orsay: a billion Monets, plenty of Picassos, I was struck by Seurat, I am realizing that the impressionists might be my favorite or at least I know that realism is my least favorite: those painters don’t take advantage of the medium of painting, it makes sense that centuries ago realism was taking advantage of the medium of painting because the medium of photography was not around but in today’s world I feel that painting things exactly as they appear is not taking advantage of the capabilities of the art form, just as I was taught that dance film is a distinct medium and completely different from dance, simply taking a still video of a dance being performed on a stage is not taking advantage of the capabilities of the medium of dance film, and realistic paintings are like still videos of a dance on a stage.
  • Versailles and biking through the gardens, it’s big
  • Michael Clark’s Been, Come, Gone: not interesting or successful, I appreciate choreography that allows for the dancers’ individuality to shine through and in this show, the dancers were moving completely without affectation
  • crepes!!!!
  • so much fantastic food (I miss peanut butter sometimes…)

I am being exposed to a plethora of new people, places, things, other nouns and I wish I could post pictures on this blog to prove it but my device is just not having it! [insert picture of the Eiffel Tower sparkling here]

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