Brisbane, The City Surprises Me

My name is Xiaomin Liu. I am from China. Currently, I am the graduate student at Patel College of Global Sustainability in USF. I am concentrated on Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy. I am doing my internship in Brisbane, Australia. I will work for Ecotourism Australia. It is a Ecotourism certification organization. Here is my first feeling about Brisbane in last couple days.

Just arrived in Brisbane on June 4. Then I started to check out this city next day. My host is so awesome and friendly. His girlfriend is a Korean that makes me feel a kind of belonging (cause both of us are from the Asia).

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Recycle Bins

Brisbane has a very strong transportation system, public buses, trains, and a special one—ships. You can take any of them through one card. The public buses are on time, fast and popular, really convenient to connect many areas around the Brisbane.

The first thing surprised me was when I took the bus this morning, two families took their babies and got on the bus, all of the passengers sat on the priority seats were suddenly standing up and offer their seats to those two families. It looks consistent, fast and natural, which hardly find in China, or even in U.S. (Maybe it has, but I haven’t met yet). Almost passengers said “Thank you” to the drivers no matter for getting on or off the bus. Good behaviors have been shown from many details or small things. It might be a sign for this city has great education and culture that people have been trained so well.

The best way to feel and learn a city might be walking around without routines. I past the city center, people were dressed up and fashionable, no matter for males or females. I just feel they are so tell. I visited the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. It was lunch time, many people followed the river to run or work out. That makes me notice people here look almost slim and healthy, from their bodies. Running or exercise is so popular here. Playing soccer, running, lying on the grass, which makes this city energetic.

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Featured image
Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

I saw the mangroves around the Brisbane River. Big trees cover all most of the garden. Air is fresh. Everything looks peaceful and harmonious, just like my host said, it is a moderate city, no matter for its size or its design. Perhaps, that is the Brisbane’s enchantment.

Then I past the South Bank, a popular tourist attraction in Brisbane. Great design, green, fresh and harmonious between human beings and nature. Restaurants and bars are around this area, probably has great nightlifes here.

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Featured image
South Bank

I did not meet so many tourists, only couple of Chinese tourists. Most tourists might visit the Golden Coast. I was regarded as Korean that reminds me when I was in U.S., it was common to be regarded as Japanese, which might be a sign that Korean is popular in Brisbane (Another clue is food. Also, many Korean food here).

So many great impressions from this city and, of course, it gives me many surprises. Green, sustainable, healthy…

But it also brings a kind of lonely, lacks of a sense of belongs for me, probably, because I just arrived here for two days. Just felt a little shy, scary and not very confident. Hopefully, it will turn to better after I start my internship next Tuesday. Next Monday is the national holiday, Queen’s birthday. So I have a long weekend to familiar this city.

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The Balance of Nature and Animal
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So Cute !!!

And another thing makes me crazy is KEEP LEFT !!! I always walked on wrong lines and checked out the cars from wrong direction. I was thinking probably I can rent a car to visit some far places. KEEP LEFT makes me give up that idea.

So far it looks ok. Brisbane already surprised me. I believe there will be more surprises coming.


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