The struggle known as packing


There are some things in life in which I excel at, packing is not one of those things.

I am a second year MA/MPH student at USF and this summer I am conducting my thesis fieldwork in Carhuaz, Peru. I am beyond thrilled as I will finally be getting a taste of South America! However, I was not thrilled at the prospect of packing for my trip. I will be gone roughly two and a half months and the need to pack light is imperative. I will be in the mountains, and during this time of year it can get quite warm during the day and quite chilly at night. I have always found packing for weather that has a wide temperature range pretty difficult. Alas, after much deliberation and consultation, I can proudly say that I have finished packing (with one day to spare)!


One suggestion that I’ll make, especially if you’re like me, is to always start packing early. If you start early, you give yourself time to mull things over and either find/procure items that you might need.


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