Goodbye Japan, back to Tampa :(

I honestly have to say that leaving Japan was such a hard decision. On this trip, I have had the opportunity to visit many places in Japan such as Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Beppu and Tokyo. Going to Japan this time was one of the best choices I have made. I can see myself going back in the future and staying a lot longer, maybe even live and work there, who knows? I’m open to the possibility and I believe that Japan had truly opened that door for me.

I also got to visit Kyoto Sangyo University again and see my Japanese friends from the Kakehashi project from last year. I missed them so much, and we had the most amazing time getting to know everyone on the trip. They are so friendly and welcoming that we found it hard to say goodbye.

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Eating Ramen at Kyoto Sangyo University
Eating Ramen at Kyoto Sangyo University

My last night in Japan was a blast. Some of us went with our friend Tomo who used to attend Kyoto Sangyo to a restaurant where we spent hours. This was because there was a small lively group beside us in the same restaurant and we hung out with them for the rest of the night. It was so much fun, I’m glad I got to spend my last night in Tokyo with amazing people. Oh and a keynote here: when going to restaurants that have tatami mats, you are required to take off your shoes 😉


Overall it was an amazing experience visiting Japan again. Thanks to Nozu Mako sensei, USF was granted another chance to see what Japan has to offer. I am so grateful to her for so much. She has been my Japanese teacher for two years at USF and taught me up to Japanese 6. I’m sad to say that not only are my classes with her over, but its time for me to graduate. I’m really going to miss her and everyone I have grown with while taking Japanese at USF. I highly recommend visiting Japan at least once. Not only is it a beautiful country, but the people, culture and spirituality are just as admirable. Going to Japan has set my life on the right path and I am so grateful once again for this opportunity. This is officially my last course here at USF and I feel like it ended much better than I thought. Special thanks to USF Study Abroad who also helped me to participate in this program – its been an immensely rewarding experience and if I had the chance, I would do it all over again.


– Courtney Marsh

One thought on “Goodbye Japan, back to Tampa :(

  1. Hi, I am Katsuki and an international student of USF from Japan.
    I just found this page by chance. If you don mind, can we be friend?


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