Discover Florence


Today is going to be a short post just because I had a relaxing weekend around Florence. This weekend I did not have any trips to go on, so on Saturday one of my roommates and I went to the Pitti Palace. My other roommates were in Rome, so her and I stayed up all night so we could catch the sunrise at Pizzale Michelangelo. It was so worth it! We met up with a friend from the program there, and then walked around Florence. Everyone has to do this at least once! It was so amazing to see the city without a million tourists and crazy traffic happening. We got breakfast at a little caffe, and then I went back and slept for the rest of the day.

School is pretty great as well! My classes are fun. We have been tasting bread, cheese, and wine in my Food, Culture, and Society class, and then taking tours of some of the cathedrals around Florence for my Intro to Renaissance Art class. I only have two papers and one midterm, and then the finals. So far it has been smooth sailing!

Monday night, my roommates and I got dressed up and watched the sunset, had dinner by the Santa Croce church, and then went out to watch all the other study abroad students sing karaoke. I am really glad that I did not plan a trip for once of the weekends so I was able to experience Florence in a different way than ever before.


PS: I would upload some pictures but my computer has not been letting me do that, even for emails. I am sorry!



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