Wow, what an amazing two weeks it has been! So much has happened so let me dive right in–

Last weekend (the weekend of May 30th) we traveled to Rome. The first day in Rome we arrived and immediately dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed straight for the Vatican.


It was a rainy weekend in Rome but it didn’t make the city any less beautiful. The Vatican was breathtaking. It was a bit crowded which didn’t surprise me. Everywhere you looked in the Vatican was a piece of history that had a story behind it. I throughly enjoyed the tour we were on despite the crowd and the rain. One thing that I learned that I still can’t get over was that it took Michelangelo four years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel…But it took 10 years for a team of people to restore the Sistine Chapel. The work Michelangelo put into that chapel in four years is simply incredible. Unfortunately, you are not able to take pictures while in the Chapel for fear that the flash from cameras will affect the colors in the paint of the chapel.

After a long day of touring the Vatican, we were provided an incredible dinner at a small restaurant around the corner from our hotel. I am still getting used to the amount of courses that are involved with dinners here in Italy. The first course in always some sort of pasta (which I have learned I have to try not to fill up on since I love pasta so much), followed by a second course which is typically some sort of meat (depending on where your traveling at) as well as vegetables and/or potatoes. The last course is generally a fruit of some type of dessert. Luckily for me, the last course in this restaurant was a delicious tiramisu that I still can’t stop thinking about.


The next day we explored the ruins of Rome and took a tour of the Colosseum. The amount of history in Rome in astonishing. I can easily say that I enjoyed this day more than the tour of the Vatican. There was a lot of walking involved in the second day, but it was so worth it! The feeling of finally seeing something like the Colosseum in person after seeing it in pictures for so long was a feeling that I will always remember.


Until my next adventure,


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