Madrid and Barcelona

A week in Spain with cousins before the official study abroad in Paris.

I should have taken any language besides Latin in high school

I’m good at trying Spanish but I’m not good at Spanish.

Last Saturday/Sunday (what is time???), first international flight to Amsterdam , layover, where the fields are likely long rectangles, repetitive buildings, more brown buildings than grey or anything else, 5:30am so a thin but dense layer of fog immediately above the ground everywhere, hovering within the boundaries of a tall man’s strike zone


  • Covered construction zones, often a fake facade covers scaffolding
  • tapas and paella
  • beach
  • Gaudi everything, architect, I think I admire his perspective because it is unusual, Sagrada Familia, began construction 150 years ago and still going strong
  • motorcycles and scooters parked on every sidewalk lined up between the pedestrians and the road like every single Barcelonian owns at least three
  • small cars
  • One way streets
  • a seagull attacking pigeons
  • Catalonia
  • magic fountain!!!




  • city of shaded benches and Popsicles for the Hansel cousins
  • retiro park, an entire day, the under-appreciated Carl Andre exhibit that I appreciated enough to cover for several of the non-appreciative tourists next to me
  • Plaza de Espana with the best benches (shaded) for tourist-watching and Popsicle-eating
  • Templo de Debod – Gift from Egypt
  • Flamenco show! Their arched lower backs and splayed core muscles actually made the ballerina in me shudder
  • baldo!!
  • miguel
  • everywhere a plaza or puerta
  • tapas
  • too many patatas for one lifetime
  • dogs without leashes
  • more covered construction
  • Extremely narrow streets, everyone walks down the middle, risking their lives because speed limits don’t seem to exist here

I really fell for Carl Andre after seeing his work in Retiro. I connected with Andre the person much more than his art – his sculptures are simple and dull. But the art was the product of his clearly defined and personal perspective and I admire people who have decided-upon perspectives.

I’m either sick or am allergic to something in Spain…

Two days more in Madrid then off to Paris!

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