Kyla Hoffer ~ First Post ~ Introduction

Panama ~ Kyla Hoffer ~ Summer 2015 ~ First Post ~ Introduction

Hola a todos! (Hello to everyone!) My name is Kyla Hoffer and I am a senior at USF going into my forth semester of Nursing school. I also have a minor in Spanish as I love the language and the culture. I will be traveling to Chitré, Panama in 20 days 9 hours and 47 minutes-but who’s counting? The program I am traveling with is the Community Health Nursing program where we will be traveling to Panama to complete our Community Health Clinical rotation. I want to participate in this program because I have a passion for the Spanish language, Hispanic people and Hispanic culture. It has always been a dream of mine to be fluent in Spanish and, though I am close, I feel that immersion is the best way to accomplish this. I have high hopes for this trip as I have already taken approximately 7 years of Spanish and studied abroad in Spain so I’m hoping the practice will pay off in enhanced fluency! I am also very passionate about nursing and I know this experience will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain nursing clinical experience abroad.

The program will entail working at clinics, running stations at health fairs, teaching small classes and conducting home health visits. It will be an opportunity to increase my cultural competency, learn about another culture, health system and way of life and to gain more clinical experience. I also know that the country of Panama is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the famous Panama Canal, visiting the villages of some of the indigenous tribes and touring the capital, Panama City. For all of these reasons and more I am very excited about this opportunity!

For the time being I am most concerned about packing as that is what I need to tackle! Plus I’m a girl and a chronic over-packer so this might actually be the most difficult part of the trip! Fortunately I still have some time (which is great because I haven’t started yet). So everyone wish me luck with packing, traveling and the program in general! Hasta Pronto (See you soon)! Oh, I almost forgot, I will be sprinkling in a little Spanish here and there but no worries I will provide the translations so everyone can read it! I would love to try to write it all in Spanish but for clarity’s sake and of course all the English speaking people out there, I will keep it to the occasional Spanish mix up!



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