Exam Week!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it but this is my last week of the semester at Kansai Gaidai. I have had such a wonderful experience this semester and met a lot of wonderful people. This upcoming Saturday the study abroad students will be participating in a graduation ceremony. I will make sure to take a ton of photos and if possible, video. I will also be staying over here after the semester is over and if it is okay, I would like to keep posting blogs to show what Japan has to offer.

I will apologize now because this blog will be short. I am studying like a mad man while writing my last paper of the semester. Tomorrow morning I will be taking my Japanese reading and writing final examination. To be honest, I am nervous because we need to know the writing for so many kanji and some of them are very hard to remember. Not only do I need to remember a plethora of Kanji, I need to know around 40 grammar rules that we learned throughout the semester. I have been practicing for that test all day today along with my Japanese history final that will be on Wednesday. My Japanese speaking final exam was split into two sections. I took the oral examination last Wednesday and I think it went great. The written section will be on Tuesday. Thankfully, I already finished my final exam for religion and scored a 94%! I was actually the first one done with the final in my class as well. It was 50 questions and I finished it in 8 minutes. I guess studying does pay off! My teacher also informed me that my final grade for the class is an A.

Besides studying, I have not had a whole lot of time to do much besides go to school and return home. Last weekend, I made Gyoza with my homestay mother and they were absolutely delicious! We made shrimp and beef Gyoza. I also found out last Tuesday during my Japanese speaking class that I had the second best presentation in my level 4 class. During the presentation I was comparing and contrasting Japanese customs and culture with that of America. It was about an 8 minute presentation and I must say I felt really good after I finished. My teacher stopped me before I left the class to compliment me. My friend who won first place received the same exact grade as me so I felt like it must have been really close!

Oh, I almost forgot! Last week I also received the new Kansai Gaidai Brochure for 2016 and saw that my picture was in it! I will post a picture of in on this blog.

I will post another blog by the end of this week and it will be much more exciting than a blog about finals. Until then, have a great summer vacation and be safe!

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