First Week in Qingdao!

So far, I have been having a good time in Qingdao, although upon arriving I have been extremely busy. The time change has also taken some getting used to, it is 12 hours ahead of Florida, but I think I have finally managed to adjust.

Classes have not officially started, but we have been busy preparing for our internship–mine will probably have something to do with music. Hopefully we will start these next week, if all goes well. I met my roommate, Han Ping, who is a freshman at Qingdao University. After helping her settle into our hotel room, the two of us have been spending quite a bit of time together. On Saturday, we went to meet my friend Oliver from the visually impaired school. He is currently studying English and will be applying to universities in America. After that, we went to the Qingdao Munincipal Museum to study gguqin, a seven stringed zither and one of the most ancient Chinese instruments.

Last night I sadly found out that I will not be able to study the guqin this summer due to time constraints: we have classes on Saturdays, which is also when the guqin class meets.


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