Madrid Bound – Airplane Thoughts

This was written on 05/12/15, but I just received wifi in order to post it.


Hi, I am on a plane flying from Miami to Madrid. It is 6:10 AM in Madrid time and 12:10 AM in Florida time. It has been really difficult to sleep on the plane because we boarded early at night (6:30 PM) and I usually do not sleep until much later. I slept for about 2 hours but my contacts + tiny cramped space = horrible sleep. We should be landing in about 3 hours so I am hoping the time goes by quickly. Here are some random tips I just thought of:

  • If you ever need to eat something at the Miami airport, go to La Cartera, a Cuban restaurant. I squirmed at spending $13 for chicken, moro rice (has beans and pork), and French fries, but the portion size was HUGE and lasted me lunch, dinner, and breakfast! Plus the food is delicious and much better than the other fast food options available.
  • Make sure you go to Financial Aid to discuss Study Abroad a long time in advance! Just because there is aid posted to your Oasis account does not mean you will actually receive that aid. There are typically many contracts and budget sheets to fill out. Also, be aware that if you receive other scholarships, your aid can be reduced!
  • Roll your clothes! I rolled all of my clothes, which saved A LOT of space. In fact, my entire wardrobe fit in my carry on!
  • Bring a book to read. I assumed that all airports would have working wifi, but the Miami airport had bad reception. Thankfully, I brought along Rick Steves Spain, so I had something to keep me busy. Also, to my surprise, American Airlines did not provide a TV for each seat on my international flight so I had a lot of free time.
  • Charge your phone + laptop at the Tampa airport. The TPA is one of the best in terms of customer service and cleanliness. They have work stations and sockets within the terminals. I could not find a single working outlet at the MIA airport terminals!

So there is my random list of tips. I figured I would write a post while I have down time since it might be awhile until I get another chance. I do wish I brought an interesting fiction book to read. Everyone else on the plane is sleeping, and I am so bored. I think I might read my Learning and Memory textbook…

Adios para ahora,




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