CIAO America!

The day has finally come. As I sit here in Tampa International Airport I can’t help but day dream about the adventures that are ahead of me.  My name is Molly Latimer, I am now a Senior at USF (WOW time really flies). I am majoring in mass communications with a focus in public relations. I chose the Florence study abroad program because I felt that it was a great location for someone like me- someone who has never traveled out of the country before.

The main goal I wish to accomplish by studying abroad is to become more cultured in all aspects of the word. I have always had the dream of going abroad and visiting all of the interesting and beautiful sights the world has to offer, and this past year I decided I was going to make this dream a reality, no matter what.

365 days of saving up every penny that came my way, here I am. In one hour I will be on my way to Florence, Italy. The smile on my face is unreal.


Until next time,

Ciao America

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