Five days till Florence…

If it didn’t seem real to me when I booked my flight, took my passport picture and picked out luggage, it’s definitely hitting me now. In just five days I’ll be flying off to Florence, Italy to study for 6 weeks!

My name is Bianca Montenegro and I’m a mass communications major at USF. I just recently became a senior (!) and all throughout my college experience I’ve wanted to study abroad. The spark was seriously ignited in me last year when I attended a Florence information session. So, I spent my junior year finding ways to make studying abroad a reality for me!

I’ve wanted to go to Italy since I saw The Lizzie McGuire Movie as a little girl, as silly as that seems. I love the language, architecture, history, and of course the food. Also, my first name is Italian and I’ve always sort of wished I had Italian heritage. I’m so excited to study at the Florence University of the Arts where I’ll be taking both a mass communications course and an Italian culture course. I see this trip as an opportunity for me to break out of my comfort zone and gain independence and confidence. I’ve never traveled alone before so I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

My family is very happy for me, but they’re also a little anxious about me travelling off to a foreign country on my own. My grandparents gave me a beautiful, heartfelt gift when I said goodbye to them yesterday-a necklace of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. I’m going to wear it on me everyday while I’m abroad and I hope it will bring me safe and happy travels. I’ve also picked up a book on the Italian culture and I’ve been listening to an audio book of the language (although I’ll be lucky if I pick up the basic phrases).

I’m looking forward to the amazing memories I’m sure to make during my semester abroad and I can’t wait to share them all with you here on this blog! Till next week…..

Necklace my grandparents gave me to keep me safe and sound while abroad.
Necklace my grandparents gave me to keep me safe and sound while abroad.

One thought on “Five days till Florence…

  1. Great start Bianca! We are so glad you were able to make a study abroad experience happen before graduating. Hopefully your blog inspires others facing a similar situation.


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