Going to China Today!

My name is Lindsey O’Brien, and I am currently a Masters student in the Foreign Language Education program through the College of Education.  This summer, I will travel to Qingdao, China through the USF Tier II Chinese Learning in the Culture study abroad program.  I am currently a second year student of Chinese at USF. Last summer, I went to Qingdao through USF’s Tier I program, and I am excited to return to study and engage in an internship. I selected USF’s Tier II program due to its good reputation, my previous experiences with the Chinese program, and the myriad of opportunities that it will offer for me to interact with Chinese people and use the Chinese that I am learning.

Tonight I embark on my long journey to China, beginning with a flight from Tampa to Houston, from where I will fly to Beijing, and ultimately Qingdao. Although I am sad to leave my mother on Mother’s Day, the packing and preparations have been exhausting, and the flights will be equally grueling, I know that I will be happy to arrive in China. I am looking forward to returning to Qingdao, a coastal city in northern China, and to seeing all the friends I made last year as well as making new ones.

This year I will be studying Chinese language at Ocean University of China and engaging in an internship twice a week in addition to partaking in community service activities. Through a contact I made last year at Qingdao University, I will also study a traditional Chinese musical instrument, the guqin.

I am looking forward to keeping everyone posted on my travels and journeys through this blog.

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